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  1. Terry Phelps says:

    Further to the comments on the Taylor / Bradshaw breakthrough mentioned on your website, you might like to hear that the Science Museum have stated that although the US circuit is now on display at the Museum, the UK item is not (they’re still looking for it, I shall add). Bradshaw’s son, Martin, was a former friend of mine – I met buttoned-up George, too – and once showed me an article on the Taylor / Bradshaw events taken from a journal entitled ‘Electron’. Interesting to see, btw, how the UK powers-that-be spectacularly failed our lads, yet again …

  2. Robert Stradling says:

    Hi – doing some research for a family member. Mrs Dorothy Hobbs’ cousin, Fred Linsey, worked on (we think) radar at the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge in the 1930’s. During the war, he was posted to the Malvern area so the link with TRE is possible. I’ve looked on the staff list from March 1942 but his posting may have been later. He was allocated a car and petrol ration.

    Mrs Hobbs would love to hear anything about her cousin. Many thanks.

  3. david cawsey says:

    Re Fred Linsey. He returned to the Cavendish. I have a ‘group photo’ from 1952 which includes him. Experimental Physics classes were then run by Dr Schoenberg and Dr Pippard (notable scientists) with the full-time attention of Fred Linsey, in a white coat, who was probably a ‘demonstrator’ or a ‘laboratory technician’. Let me know if this is of interest.

  4. Peter Fry says:

    For Mike Burstow:-
    Very pleased to see you on today’s ‘Bargain Hunt’ programme. I would love to meet up with you one day to see all photos and documents you have there at Malvern. This is because my father, Donald Fry, is in that photo of the Sunday Soviet shown on the wall in the room where you were being interviewed with Anita Manning. He was the youngest member of those select people at the meeting for which I possess an original photo and another of a TRE team of a year or two later. I actually met a number of the scientists in the latter photo who went on to become some of the leading scientists in the world – one of whom later was a big cog in setting up the CERN establishment in Geneva where the Hadron Colider is located. After the war TRE was well-known for particle accelerators and synchlotrons. Regards, Peter Fry.

    • Mike Burstow says:

      Dear Peter,
      Delighted to learn more from you about your father. A scan of any records would also be of great value to us. I believe it might be Sir John Adams that you are thinking of in connection with CERN. He was indeed a TRE man. I will contact you separately by email.
      Thank you for getting in touch,

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