Exhibition: Scientists Come To Malvern

Welcome to the MRATHS Exhibition ‘Scientists Come To Malvern‘. The exhibition consists of 39 posters which tell some of the untold history of Government Research at Malvern, the inventions and the people involved. The Exhibition is sponsored by MHDC through its Route to the Hills project and is funded by a Heritage Lottery Grant. You can see 25 of the posters in the Church Walk Gallery outside Waitrose and Wilkinsons.  The Exhibition runs from 28th May until 21st Aug 2016.

CLICK on the poster thumbnails below for more information about each of them. The first poster, “Scientists come to Malvern“, explains the exhibition, gives the dates of the moves and introduces the various establishments with their locations.

Copyright Notice: All material in this exhibition is Copyright MRATHS except where specifically noted otherwise.