10 July 2024 – Space-Based Solar Power for a secure, equitable and sustainable future

This talk by David Homfray FInstP will review space solar as option for generating power.

The clock is ticking to Net Zero and replacing the worlds reliance on fossil fuels requires not only an acceleration in the build of current low carbon technologies but also the development of new. Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP) has been technically feasible since the 1960’s but only now with the reduction of cost in launch and space hardware have the economics also become attractive. Moving solar panels into space, free of night and weather, beaming down the energy via microwaves delivers much needed baseload energy.  SBSP has several attractive features including the ability for a single spacecraft to instantaneously deliver power across a quarter of the globe and unlike other baseload solutions can be manufactured at scale to deliver several GW’s per year of capacity. This talk will discuss the opportunity and imperative of SBSP and how the world is responding to that opportunity.

David A. Homfray has contributed to cutting edge neuroscience at the University of Oxford, fusion research at the UKAEA, space research at the Satellite Applications Catapult and is now focused on the development and commercialisation of Space-Based Solar Power as Chief Technology Officer at Space Solar.

During his time in fusion, he was Head of Engineering Realisation, an Engineer in Charge of JET (the world’s largest operational fusion experiment) and led the initial plans, strategies and work packages for the £220M fusion commercialisation programme STEP (Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production).