8th June D-Day Celebration

MRATHS and DEHS celebrate Malvern’s contribution to D-Day,

8th June, at the Lewis Lecture Theatre, Malvern College, WR14 3DF

Limited tickets now available to the public – £10

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16.00                  WE PLAN, THE GODS LAUGH!                            – Mike Burstow

Well before the radar scientists of TRE and ADRDE came to Malvern in 1942 they were learning all they could about German radars. Mike Burstow, MRATHS Trustee, tells the story of the complex planning and feverish activity in Malvern that supported the Allied plan to launch their invasion of France, Operation Overlord. Spoofing, jamming, deception, navigation were the new high tech electronic elements of war fighting.


17.00                  Refreshments and EQUIPMENT EXHIBITION. Some rare pieces!


18.00                 WENT THE DAY WELL?                                         – Dr Phil Judkins

There are many lessons to learn from D-Day, as there are from every major military conflict. Not every problem and obstacle was foreseen; not everything went right for either the Allies or the Germans, and victory hid a thousand faults. In this thought-provoking analysis, Dr Phil Judkins examines those elements of the assault which did not go well, from navigation to deception campaigns, from weaponry to intelligence, and concludes that, like the Battle of Waterloo well over a century earlier, Operation Overlord was a “damned near thing – the nearest run thing you ever saw in your life”.


19.00                                  Tea and coffee before close at 20.00