1965 – Malvern’s Stratospheric Chamber

This poster is from a set of 39 developed for an exhibition  by MRATHS (Malvern Radar And Technology History Society) and sponsored by MHDC’s Route to the Hills initiative in Summer 2016.

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The large stratosphere chamber could simulate wide range of environmental conditions with temperatures -80oC to +150oC and altitude up to 100,000ft (30,000m) with unique explosive decompression. It was located at RRE in J Building.


Many different systems underwent a range of testing from large & small to highly classified to non-sensitive. These ranged from acceptance testing in the Stratospheric Chamber of Red Beard the British first tactical nuclear weapon entering service with the V Bombers in 1962 (It was covered by a large blackout curtain and very few people were “in the know” however the giveaway was it had an armed guard 24hrs a day, it did not, of course, have a warhead.),


to airborne radar


© MRATHS 2016 produced by M Hutchinson

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