20th March 2024 AGM & Artificial Intelligence Past, Present and Future: A Perspective on the Ghosts in the Machine

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This talk presented by Dr David Hutber will look at and comment on some of the major developments in AI from its early days post-war through to the present “AI summer” and give some perspectives on possible future directions.

Dr David Hutber has worked on various aspects of Artificial Intelligence and automation throughout his career. He has worked on Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Autonomous Vehicles, Natural Language Processing and Data Science, written papers in many of these, and he has led some exciting multi-disciplinary projects that combine these aspects. He has worked in the Defence, Security, Transport and Manufacturing sectors. His PhD was on data fusion for a French autonomous vehicle, and he is currently working part-time leading a project which is building a AI digital assistant for commanders. He spent twenty years working at QinetiQ and its predecessors, with his final full-time role there being global Head of AI, and he is a QinetiQ Senior Fellow.