8th November 2023 – GNSS – past, present and future (SatNav)

Malcolm Macleod – GNSS – past, present and future

GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems – SatNav) have become of enormous importance, not just for position finding but for distributing accurate time globally. There are currently four global systems. This talk will cover the development of these systems from their initial military use to something in most cars and every smartphone, not to mention robot lawn mowers and self-driving cars. With the technology advances, many new applications have been found. But there are challenges, including jamming and spoofing, which have serious implications. The talk will touch on what is being done to combat those, and “where SatNav is going”.

Professor Malcolm D Macleod, MA, PhD, FREng, CEng, FIET, FIMA, SMIEEE

After a PhD in DSP, Malcolm’s career was first with Cambridge Consultants, then as a lecturer and director of research in the Engineering Department of Cambridge University, and then from Nov 2002 at QinetiQ, where he rose to become a Senior Fellow and the Dean of the Fellows. In January 2007 he was appointed a visiting Professor at the University of Strathclyde. He has worked in digital signal processing (DSP), image processing, inference and mathematical analysis throughout this time. He has innovated highly efficient high performance real-time algorithms and architectures for GNSS receivers, as well as sensing, communications, radar, SAR, SONAR and magnetic sensing applications.