The Technology Station

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The Technology Station is open. Wednesdays 2 – 6 pm, Saturdays 10 – 2pm

MRATHS has long been searching for a place to tell the story of the extraordinary technology from Malvern. Thanks to the sponsorship of WMT (West Midlands Trains) through the Worcestershire Community Rail Partnerships and strong local support with a grant from the Malvern Town Council we are opening soon at Great Malvern Station.
The time has now come!

In 1942 two top secret government research establishments were evacuated in haste to Malvern. Their work was transformative to the war effort, to Malvern and subsequently to modern electronic technology worldwide. Our small museum will showcase what the scientists and local recruits did, between 1942 and the turn of the century.

The WMT grant has paid for the repair and refurbishment of two rooms in the station, formerly a flower shop, and MRATHS will be working hard to complete the installation by opening day.

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