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On 12th July there was an entertaining talk on the history of amateur dramatics in and around Malvern by Hugh Williams and Chris Bassett.

On 10th May, our guest speaker, Andy Jeffrey, who now works for UTSC as a business development manager, told the story of how the UK uses its Reaper unmanned aerial vehicles. As the first Officer Commanding the newly reformed Recce 39 Recce Sqn he should know


This exhibition, and the accompanying talks was presented by MRATHS at Malvern College in the building where radar scientists, including the late Sir Bernard Lovell, worked. Malvern College was the home of the Telecommunications Research Establishment (TRE) from 1942-46. The event highlighted the strategic inventions that changed the course of World War II and our lives today. MRATHS is very grateful to Malvern College for its support and use of the excellent Razak Science Centre facilities.

Head of Science, Natalie Watson has shown the exhibition to some of the Old Malvernians. She said “All of the people who came round were very interested, but one group who were at the college in the early 60s were absolutely delighted that such an exhibition was at the college. Some had actually had the pleasure of being taught by A.P. Rowe! They had been a part of a ‘radio group’ and were absolutely fascinated by the video footage being played. The excitement really had to be seen to be believed and I really had a wonderful feeling that I was showing them a beautiful building that will help us inspire scientists of the future and yet we have also managed to capture the history of building and the importance of what has come out of the work being done originally at Malvern College”


The exhibition was opened by Harriett Baldwin, MP for West Worcestershire and Parliamentary Under Secretary of State and Minister for Defence Procurement.

Over 200 people attended including some veterans who served at TRE at the College.


Feedback was very complimentary and such was the demand that when the extra date of 10th December was announced this also sold out within a week.


Our newly elected Town Mayor, Cynthia Palmer, opened our Exhibition at 11am on Saturday 28th May at the Church Walk Gallery, Malvern. Great interest was shown by the public with an average of 100 people per hour stopping to read the posters in the 2 hours after opening.


The exhibition is designed to tell the public about the Historic Achievements and the key people that came from the Malvern Research Establishments. On the 28th the exhibition posters also went live on this web. The exhibition closed on Sunday 11th September but remains on this website. Huge interest has been shown, both by the public and museum professionals.

CLICK here to see the EXHIBITION
Each poster is accompanied by additional stories about the poster subject. The exhibition is sponsored by MHDC through its Route to the Hills project and funded by Heritage Lottery Funds.

Route To The Hills Heritage Lottery Bid.

Malvern District Council in partnership with local Societies have bid for a grant fron the Heritage Lottery Fund to improve visitor access to Malvern’s history. It was announced in early January that they have been successful.   MRATHS has 2 Projects Included in this bid and these will now be funded.

The first is a Guided Walk, to be available on smart Phones, which shows visitors the many buildings that were requisitioned in 1942 and how they were used to support the radar research efforts during WWII.

The second is funding for a series of 50 outdoor display panels which will tell the public about the Historic Achievements and the key people that came from the Malvern Research Establishments.

WORLD FIRSTS. The MRATHS Steering Committee have begun a project to compile a list of World First inventions that have arisen from Research at Malvern. An unpublished list of some 30+ inventions have been identified as candidates. CAN YOU HELP? Do you know of any World First inventions that came from malvern? We would love to hear from you……

27 Sept 2014. Exhibition and ‘Beyond the Rainbow’ displays at Malvern Hub.

MRATHS, in partnership with The Institute of Physics, mounted a static display and live demonstrations of experiments across the EM spectrum specifically aimed at students. The day was judged a success by all. The Hub ( Library) footfall increased by 400 visitors as a result.

27-28 Sept 2014. Malvern Autumn Show. MRATHS mounted a small stand as a trial run of material for the Route To The Hills Heritage Lottery bid. Our stand and the others of Malvern Societies were somewhat lost in Avon Hall which was mostly given over to catering.


6 Responses to News

  1. Jonathan Penley says:

    Dear Mraths,
    I was very interested to see the excellent panels that you have exhibited in Church Walk – well done, and some great quality photos…
    I notice that they have QR Codes to provide more information. As I do not have a smart phone, I was unable to access the additional information – and am rather disappointed that there does not seem to be a link to it from your website (thought I may have missed it) – do please advise,
    Regards, Jonathan.

    • Mike Burstow says:

      Thank you for your feedback. All 39 exhibition posters can viewed on line. Just visit and click on the NEWS or EVENTS tabs. You will find links there. There is lots of background stories and supporting pictures for each poster.

  2. zoe shearman says:

    Thank you for producing this incredibly interesting and significant exhibition documenting the different histories of scientific research in Malvern and their continued impact and legacy, globally. “Scientists Come to Malvern” undoubtedly merits to be permanently sited in Malvern and to be given further funding and support to enable this. The visual design of the information posters is inspired and engaging, as is their presentation online as well as in an accessible outdoor public site used by diverse communities. The research which has fed into the posters, as well as their online archive on the MRATHS website, is a valuable resource which should be further supported to have a wider impact.

    Zoe Shearman, contemporary art curator.

    • Mike Burstow says:

      Zoe, thank you for your kind words. Perhaps we will be able to work together on some our future projects?

  3. Malcolm Hopper says:

    Congratulations on your recent success re lottery support.

    Could the information of the guided walk, when it is produced, be included on the website for those of with traditional-style steam telephone handsets?

    • Mike Burstow says:

      Hello Malcolm, Yes we hope to publish it both on the web and as a tri-fold leaflet. It will depend a bit on the budget we are allowed from the grant
      best regards, Mike Burstow

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