9th November 2022 – Microgravity Sensing for “Seeing Underground”

Dr Gillian Marshall – Microgravity Sensing for “Seeing Underground”

This talk will discuss research I’ve been doing (on and off) for the last 18 years, on using gravity sensors to detect buried objects – from water-pipes to bunkers. I will talk about some initial feasibility studies we undertook in the mid-2000s, using commercially-available instruments, and discuss why we decided those were not suitable for our applications. The story then pauses for 10 years while two new generations of microgravity instruments were developed, and starts again with the emergence of both quantum gravity sensors and silicon gravimeters using micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS). I will talk about my involvement with academia in shaping the development of this new generation of sensors, and what this might mean for future applications.
Dr Marshall is a QinetiQ Senior Fellow with over 30 years’ experience on research programmes at QinetiQ and its predecessors, largely focussing on sensor integration. She is QinetiQ’s point of contact for Quantum Technologies, and has extensive links within the UK’s National Quantum Technologies Programme.