13th July 2022 – Developments in Battlefield Surveillance Radar

Alan Gray – developments in battlefield surveillance radar

This talk is a summary of the developments in battlefield surveillance radar and its applications in Armoured Reconnaissance. It will cover Project TRACER, the development of a phased array radar which was included by one of the consortia and the tortuous development of FRES, the Future Rapid Effect System which lead to the current Ajax vehicle.

After graduating in 1972, Alan Gray was commissioned as a regular officer in the Royal Artillery. On passing Shrivenham and the Army Staff College, he was posted as an SO2 to RSRE where he worked on a number of sensor projects including the CASTOR radar and Battlefield Remote Sensor System, subjects for future talks. After command and staff appointments he retired from the Regular Army in 1992, became an Active Reservist and joined the newly formed DRA in 1995. His main projects were in battlefield surveillance including the upgrading of the man-portable ground surveillance radar, MSTAR and acoustic weapon locating. He became the UK representative on Project TRACER for non-imaging sensors, the subject of this talk, retiring in 2009. He has maintained a close interest in the Army equipment programme and developments in the wider aspects of Defence.