12 January 2022 – EGM / The Viper Processor / The Flex Computer Architecture

There was a short Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) before the main meeting. The reason and procedure for the EGM were explained in the documents sent to members; and are also available here EGM 12 January 2022 – Malvern Radar And Technology History Society (mraths.org.uk).

Two short talks with a computing theme

  • Welcome / announcements
  • News from the archive
  • Thoughts from the chair

Clive Pygott “The Viper micro-processor”

  • Viper was developed to address concerns over microprocessors in safety and security critical applications however things did not go entirely to plan …

Ben Potter “The FLEX computer architecture”

  1. What Flex was, in brief, and why it appealed to me;
  2. A more detailed exposition of the unusual/unique features of Flex;
  3. Progress to date – this section will be short and end in a tale of ‘suspended/truncated due to COVID’;
  4. Some honest reflections on 1 above.