11th March 2020 – AGM & Nimrod MR Radar Operator – A Personal Perspective

Over 50 people attended the MRATHS Annual General Meeting (AGM).  The formal AGM heard of further positive increases in activities, talks/school visits, membership, and funding.  Our application for Charitable Incorporated Organisation succeeded – a consequence of which was that all trustees had to resign at this AGM!  All were re-elected along with a new trustee and a co-opted trustee making 12.

The main meeting including another mystery object, the major efforts in recording the old site before demolition, and hope for a collaborative venture to generate a central hub / reception for the Science Park/QinetiQ that includes exhibition and education opportunities for MRATHS.

Al Liston gave the main talk: his personal perspective on being a Nimrod Maritime Reconnaissance Radar Operator.  He covered the evolution of the systems and liberally interspersed this with amusing personal anecdotes.  We gained a fascinating insight into international search and evasion with foreign submarines, inter-service rivalry, and the in-flight banter between the “drys” (e.g. radar operators) and the “wets” (e.g. sonobuoy operators) – assisted by two “wets” in the audience.

Attendees enjoyed the customary refreshments and opportunities to catch up with people.