16th January 2019 – Nimrod

Nimrod AEW – A Cautionary Tale

Peter Brook talking about Nimrod AEW at MRATHS meeting67 attendees enjoyed “Nimrod Airborne Early Warning System – A Cautionary Tale” by Peter Brook at MRATHS’ (https://mraths.org.uk/) latest meeting.  Hugh Williams opened with an apology for postponing the Skynet talk due to illness – now taking place at our AGM on 13th March before Mike Burstow gave “Thoughts from the Chair”.  Mike updated us on the application for Charitable Incorporated Organisation status, the proposed National Radar Trail, and recording of South Site prior to redevelopment.  We were entertained by samples of oral histories, focusing on the fascinating insight of the recruitment of two people in 1940s.  Hugh intrigued us with recent archive acquisitions and his passion for Christmas presents comprising “piles of rusty junk”.

After receiving a panic call the previous evening, Peter kindly stepped into the breach and brought forward his planned Nimrod talk.  He provided an informative history of the project interweaved with his personal involvement as his career merged and diverged from this salutary tale.  Peter also amused us with parallels of many key aspects with Brexit.

As usual, attendees enjoyed the opportunity to browse the photo albums and chat over refreshments.