Activities with Malvern Cubs and Ladies Groups

Another new venture for MRATHS – explaining the significance of Malvern and Radar to WW2 to around 20 cubs to help them better appreciate Remembrance Sunday.  Jean Allen invited Roger Appleby to speak with 2nd Malvern cubs at their HQ.  The highly active cubs were fascinated to learn about the impact of radar development moving into Malvern during WW2 and some of the people involved.  They were particularly engaged by the practical use of “triangles” to locate enemy bombers.

Meanwhile, David Whitaker was invited by Sue Amphlett to explain how scientists came to be in Malvern and what they have been doing since arriving.  The audience was Somers Park Avenue Ladies Club but extended to include several male guests making a total of around 30 people.  Some attendees were new to the area and so amazed to hear about Malvern’s secret past whereas others had worked at “the establishment” and so shared some of their experiences whilst also learning more about our collective history.

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