Malvern Festival of Innovation – Oct 2018

What a pleasure it was to see enthralled youngsters of all ages explore and experience the quirky and fascinating demonstrations of infrared using our two IR cameras.  Older folk also spent time browsing through the albums of historical photographs and reminiscing with us.  The occasion this time was the annual Malvern Festival of Innovation at Malvern Theatres and even the bad weather didn’t put off lots of visitors to the MRATHS stand.

Inter-sibling and inter-generational rivalry came to the fore with our more recent demonstration of a speed radar that provided the opportunity to describe Doppler radar and the general development of radar to attendees.  David Whitaker, John Gillham and Tracey Merriman (supported, at times, by others) enjoyed a long and exhausting day engaging with so many interesting people.

John Gillham and Tracey Merriman demonstrating infrared to enthralled youngsters

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