10th March 2015 A Jewel in the Crown

MRATHS Meeting on 10th March 2015

MRATHS recently enjoyed hearing Keith Barraclough talk on the History of Crystal Growth Research in Malvern. The evening started with brief and often amusing summaries of the various attendees’ careers in Malvern. Some careers stretched back to the 1940s including the early days of the Telecommunications Research Agency (TRE) and there were many shared memories. After updates on recent events and recent acquisitions, the main event commenced.

Keith (with Don Hurle in the audience) presented a personal and fascinating history of Materials Division based on their book “A Jewel in the Crown”. TRE’s broadening from initial focus on radar to include electronics and optics required crystals of an ever-widening range of materials. Materials Division was established to meet this need with many notable achievements over its three decades as a world leading research laboratory.

MRATHS is a friendly group that welcomes new (or old) faces. Our next (free) meeting is on 12th May. The main speaker will be Dr Miranda Andrews describing the career of her father, Arthur Llewelyn OBE. For further information, or if you wish to join MRATHS, visit our website: https://mraths.org.uk/.