12th May 2015 Follow My Dreams book about Arthur Llewelyn OBE

MRATHS Meeting on 12th May 2015

After a description of the history of BY building, MRATHS enjoyed an excellent illustrated talk by Dr Miranda Andrews based on her book Follow my Dreams, about her father Arthur Llewelyn OBE.

Miranda told the story of her father’s career including his formative years at TRE Malvern during the Second World War. He worked on the very important H2S airborne radar and seems to have invented the first (windscreen) head-up display for pilots. A post war survey of German radar technology led on to Operational Analysis at Bomber Command RAF.

He greatly increased the accuracy of H2S radar for bombing, surveillance and training.

His planned overflying of Russian borders, that successfully identified their radar capability, produced some accusations of trying to start the Third World War. After a period with the Second Allied Tactical Air Force in France he joined the Ministry of Technology to set up (1976) the very successful Cambridge Computer Aided Design (CAD) Centre.

The meeting also included a tribute to the late Peter Lloyd by Martin Hutchinson.

Our next (free) open meeting will be on July 14. The main speaker will be John Gillham telling the story of the development of uncooled Thermal Imagers at Malvern.