9th September 2015 The History of Defford Airfield

MRATHS Meeting on 9th September 2015

MRATHS held their latest meeting at a new venue, Malvern Vale Community Centre. After customary updates on events and acquisitions, most notably obtaining cabinets of microfiche containing historical documents and, vitally, a microfiche reader, it seemed appropriate to view aerial images of Malvern Vale site. These images ranged from the WW2 Government research site through to present day and it was interesting to identify the Community Centre location and other landmarks on those older photographs.

The main talk was on “The History of Defford Airfield” by Dennis Williams. In a detailed and informative tour-de-force, he described the importance of Defford Airfield as TRE’s largest outstation during WW2, alongside key technological achievements demonstrated at Defford, and the effects on the landscape and social history of rural Worcestershire. Dennis related the varied post-war history of Defford and concluded with an update on the progress of the RAF Defford Museum at Croome.

The availability of a kitchen at this venue enabled the usual discussions and reminiscences to be facilitated with refreshments.