School & Educational Offerings

If you would like us to visit a school (preferably within, say, 10 miles of Malvern), we would be delighted to hear from you:  Alternatively, students can attend our exhibitions or other events where we exhibit.

MRATHS is keen to encourage youngsters gain an appreciation for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) subjects and also recent local history.  We have two committee members and several other society members who are registered STEM  Ambassadors ( Being registered Ambassadors means that they have Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) clearance for working with children.

One committee member and at least one other society member, after their “establishment” careers, qualified to teach, and so we have experience of teaching in both private and state schools.  One of these was also head of careers for three years!  These provide an ideal core link between STEM in practice and the education of young people around which our offering is built.

We have already been active on the schools / education front and are keen to continue and expand on this.

MRATHS  endeavours to visit schools (reception – year 13 i.e. 4-18 year olds so far) and support various educational activities – you can see some of them here:

This write-up of our afternoon with years 4 and 5 at The Wyche school in Malvern: provides a good summary of what we can and have offered.

  • Topics covered:
    Malvern’s technological heritage including world firsts, technologies, STEM careers and the impact of WW2 on Malvern.
  • What can we do:
    We can visit schools (within a reasonable distance of Malvern) on topics such as:

    • STEM careers
    • Impact of WW2 on Malvern including the influx of thousands of scientists etc. working on secret projects to develop radar
    • Demonstrate / allow students to experiment aspects of technologies such as Infrared (“seeing heat”) using infrared video cameras
    • Projects for students e.g. Malvern College investigating history of Telecommunications Research Establishment being based on their site in 1940s
    • Display posters or videos at schools
    • Mock interviews and careers coaching
  • Cost
    No charge!  Although costs and any contributions to MRATHS funds are welcome and help us provide such activities.

We have a specific offering on Infrared (“seeing heat”) which has been constructed by a committee member who worked in this area for many years:

A talk linking the rainbow to other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum and specifically the infrared.  The relationship between temperature of objects and the energy they emit is explored and linked to everyday examples.  Demonstrations of infrared energy generation, thermal imaging and how counter-intuitive it can be whether infrared passes through, or is blocked by common materials.  This is all linked to the work of Malvern Scientists in developing thermal imaging technology.

The talk has been delivered to all ages from reception to Year 13 pupils with good feedback from the schools, and fits well with Curriculum topics such as animal metabolism, thermal conductivity / thermal insulation / energy conservation and solar energy.  Although the talk exists in two standard forms, broadly aimed at Years reception to 6 and 7 to 13, the Society would welcome the chance to discuss how it can be developed to fit their particular curriculum needs.