Ninestiles School Yr7_8 Science Club

Is My Teacher “Hot”?

“Is my teacher ‘hot’?” is not a question students often ask at school, but it would have been entirely appropriate for a session on infrared organised by Adam Whitaker at Ninestiles Academy recently.  David Whitaker and John Gillham visited the school to talk to the Year 7 and 8 after school science club students about infrared.  Infrared is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum, beyond red visible light, that we sense as heat.

David and John are founder members of the Malvern Radar And Technology History Society (MRATHS – that aims to celebrate the scientific and technical achievements influenced by Malvern since 1942.  They explained some of the background and theories associated with infrared to the audience which captured their interest and will also help with their future studies.  The session finished with demonstrations and experiments using various infrared cameras to show infrared in a practical and fun way.