MRATHs has active links to other related organisations including:

Defford Airfield Heritage Group, The Defford Airfield Heritage Group (DAHG) seeks to record, research and preserve  the history of Defford Airfield in Worcestershire, working in partnership with the RAF Defford Reunion Association. Their RAF Defford Museum at Croome, opened in September 2014, is operated by the National Trust in partnership with the Defford Airfield Heritage Group. A visit is highly recommended.

Electronics Restoration Trust, The Electronics Restoration Trust aims to preserve some of the finest items of electronics that form the basis for our modern society, now heavily reliant on electronics technologies.

Purbeck Radar Museum, This website outlines the story of early radar development and its importance to the UK in World War II. It focuses on work in Purbeck, Dorset – which was the nerve centre for radar development from 1940 – 1942.

Bawdsey Radar, Bawdsey Radar was formed by a group of local people in 2003. Its aim is to conserve the Transmitter Block of the worlds first operational radar and to create a new exhibition for visitors to learn about the groundbreaking work that took place at Bawdsey.

Defence Electronics History Society (DEHS) From its early beginnings at Bournemouth University in 1995, the DEHS comprises a membership of some eminent pioneers of radar along with others who contributed to pathfinding innovations of the 20th Century.

Farnborough Air Sciences Trust (FAST) Learn about FAST and its work, and in particular the air sciences museum located on Farnborough’s historic aviation site in North Hampshire and right next to Farnborough Airport.  The museum is dedicated to Farnborough’s proud aviation heritage and significant contribution to air science and research, and offers an important educational resource as well as an entertaining and stimulating day out for anyone interested in aviation history and scientific progress. 

New Links: We wish to work with other organisations with similar interests. If your organisation is not listed here and you would like to collaborate please contact MRATHS through this web site.

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  1. Tony Jones says:

    My father, HM Jones, died late last year. He worked at Malvern from 1944 until the end of the war. I have various documents from that time which might be of interest to you. These include photographs of electrical equipment & large aerials which (I think) relate to this time to an original TRE Memo (56/M.10/MR) Copy No 7. To show the other side of the work there is a booklet for the play “Tobias and the Angel” which, according to the programme with it, ran from 16 – 18 Dec 1945 in the Assembly Hall T.R.E. My father was one of the Masters of Properties.
    Please let me know if the Society would like any of these.

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