Three jeeps on “turf” at Malvern College

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  1. M. Khalil says:

    Hi David,

    I am very interested in life at TRE in 1942. On 10th September my subject Tom Kilburn was posted to Group 19, under Sir Freddie Williams. I would like to find out more about where and how that group fitted into the TRE, and what social aspects were around at that time which the group may have taken part in. Could you please kindly help me in building a picture at TRE for the next few years from that point?
    I am looking to come to the meeting next week, and I hope I can meet up with if you will be there?
    Thank you,

    • david whitaker says:

      Thank you for your message which I have passed on to our lead for such matters. The main social activities seemed to have been the Piers Ploughman club and a lot were also interested in amateur dramatics and various sports.

      Fingers crossed, I should be at the meeting on Wednesday and so we may get a chance to chat then.



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