Algol 68

Algol 68 User Guides

Algol 68 User Guides

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  1. Neil Matthew says:

    Hi. I have been doing some work on the Ctrans implementation of the Algol-68RS compiler – porting to 64-bit systems, removing endianness assumptions and fixing bugs. My work in progress is at I have been trying to find a copy (physical or digital) of the Guide to Algol 68 for users of RS systems without success. Do you know where I might get hold of one, or a scan of one, or a short loan of one? Any help would be much appreciated.
    Neil Matthew

    • Ron Henry says:

      Hi Neil,

      Your somewhat aged message about Algol 68 has been brought to my attention. Do you still have this interest? I’m not an active programmer myself (I once had some limited competency in Fortran-77 but that’s a long, long time ago) but at least I know what Algol-68 is!

      I feel certain that a copy of the official (HMSO-published, IIRC) Algol-68 guide will reside in the MRATHS archive; please let me know if your interest continues and I’ll be pleased to look for it and somehow get a copy to you.


      Ron Henry

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