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Today and on the 11th we remember those service and civilian personnel who were lost on duty with the TRE Flying Unit and its successors, both at Defford and Pershore.

They are remembered here

MRATHS and its members are continuing to research those lost, including civilians assigned to operations in World War II.

  • The story of Malvern's celebrations on VE Day are here VE Day in Malvern for the 75th anniversary on the 8th May.  The Malvern Gazette will contain a shorter version of the same article.
  • The story from VE day to VJ day are here VE Day to VJ day on August 15th 1945

Message from the chairman - Sept 20

    • Unfortunately it seems our talks and the pleasant gatherings afterwards are still a long way off. Spring seems a hopeful guess. I trust you are all well.
    • We have recorded the first talk for streaming to you, originally scheduled for the 9th September. Paul Manning from Metrasens tells us how Metrasens was spun out of QinetiQ in 2015 and makes use of magnetic techniques for the detection of unwanted objects. Initially it was used to prevent ferrous metal objects entering the room in hospitals where Magnetic Resonance imaging machines are housed as these machines contain very large magnets. It has also found applications in prisons and other security applications.There is a short introduction here https://vimeo.com/458285907/35474f909e and the full talk can be viewed here https://wiki.mraths.org.uk/index.php?title=Paul_Manning_%22Fatal_Attraction%22 Please note that, at least initially, the full talk is only available to MRATHS members. If you are having trouble logging in to the wiki please get in touch.
    • It is our intention to bring you more new talks this way and make some past ones available too.
    • News on the Science Centre (SC) project is now getting scarily close - in a good way! We will now start to develop the business plan. The SC will occupy part of the new Malvern Hills Science Park Reception building, working name ’The Hub’. The bids to build it along with the new QinetiQ entrance road are out to tender. The MHSP board hope to see the first spade in the ground in November and the building to be ready for occupancy in October 2021.
    • MRATHS have been invited to run a taster event to showcase the SC. This is likely to be around Whitsun 2021 and will ‘borrow’ space in the existing Science Park, Phase 7 building.  Watch out for updates about this. As well as keeping you posted we will be seeking volunteers to act as guides
    • We are still after volunteers to do some research at home, using material from our archive. We’ve had a few takers so I’d like to put out the call again. Do any of these topics stir memories?
        • Lasers
        • Radio Astronomy
        • Combat Net radio
        • Air Traffic Control
    • Any memories are useful to us, e.g. who the boss was, anecdotes from the time, names of colleagues etc. They help us find other material and narrow our searches. If you wanted to contact a colleague and work as a ‘research bubble’ Hugh would be happy to dig out reports etc.
    • As ever thank you all for your support and wishing you all Covid avoidance until a vaccine become available

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