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  • The story of Malvern's celebrations on VE Day are here VE Day in Malvern for the 75th anniversary on the 8th May.  The Malvern Gazette will contain a shorter version of the same article.

Message from the chairman

  • Naturally our work mounting exhibitions and giving talks is on hold due to the lockdown. Our next two meetings on the 13th May and the 8th July have been cancelled. The talks from these two meetings will be rescheduled for future dates. Our September meeting is provisionally going ahead depending on government guidance nearer the time. We will keep you updated once we can see the way ahead.
  • MRATHS is using the enforced time away from the public to plan for the day we can resume normal service. Here are some of things we are doing:
    • We welcome two new Trustees to our ranks, Malcolm Hopper and Darren Coe.
    • We are preparing a web site story on Malvern’s contribution to the VE day celebrations to mark the 75th anniversary.
    • We are investigating making some of our past / future talks available on-line.
    • We are working at home designing the second part of an exhibition on radar at the South Yorkshire Air Museum, the next part telling the story of Air to Surface Vessel ASV radar particularly in the battle of the Atlantic against submarines.
    • We are testing our process for remotely evaluating the images in the archive.
    • We are doing more planning for the science centre project including designing a range of new displays and demonstrations.
    • Finally we are putting in place the extra governance documentation that is necessary in a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

    We are working on a project to identify the key technology advances from Malvern that thus far we have neglected or about which we have fewer leads. This period of working at home might be an opportunity for members to help us with this project. Here are some of the research themes that could benefit from your help:

    • Laser research including rangefinders and the high power variants from SERL.
    • Networked combat net radio including Ptarmigan and Bruin – leading to today’s GSM technology …
    • The Silicon Processing and Evaluation Laboratory especially its early history in E block

    Any information or memories you have would be gratefully received; it might be personal recollections, whether non-technical or technical, or perhaps just the names of people who were involved.  In fact anything that can help to put a story together. If you can help contact enquiries@mraths.org.uk. When the current restrictions are lifted our archive is available to any member who wishes to carry out research.

    All our trustees send a big thank you for your support and hope that you will stay with us.

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