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CHESS – the Electronic War over Europe 1935 – 45

CHESS. Illustrates the air war over Britain and Germany and the supporting electronic warfare as a game of Chess, with each side gaining the advantage and then losing it again. Importantly, equal emphasis is given to German developments as to British, showing for the first time why, for example, Bomber Command’s losses were so high in 1943-4.

Dr. Phil Judkins holds Masters’ degrees in Economics and Classical Archaeology from Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge; in Business Management and IT from Bradford; and a PhD in the history of radar from Cranfield. His career spans the defence industry (Atomic Weapons Research Establishment, Aldermaston), the Commission on Industrial Relations, Bradford Metropolitan District Council, Rank Xerox, where he gained the President’s Award, and finally retiring as a Director of AXAthe world’s largest insurer.

At the University of Buckingham, Phil taught the MA in Intelligence History at Bletchley Park, and guest-lectures at the UK Defence Academy, where he chairs the Defence Electronics History Society. He is the author of four books, covering computer networking and the implications of virtual reality, and many academic papers, ranging over multi-national high technology procurement (the 1960s Anglo-French Variable Geometry Aircraft in Histoire, Economie et Science), Power Struggles and Personality Clashes in Early British Radar (Newcomen Society) and Electronic Warfare in World War II

For planning your diary in 2017 here is the schedule of meetings for 2017 / 2018

General meetings  8 November 2017, 17th January 2018        

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Scientists in Malvern Exhibition


1.30pm – Welcome and Opening Addresses (Natalie Watson and David Whitaker)
1.45pm – Lecture 1: Scientists in Malvern, David Whitaker
2.30pm – Exhibition viewing
3.00pm – Lecture 2: World Firsts, Mike Burstow and Roger Appleby
3.45pm – Exhibition viewing
4.30pm – Close


The previous Church Walk Gallery Exhibition told the story of inventions and the people behind them coming from Government Research in Malvern will remain available on this website. Link to it through the poster below.


Scientists come to malvern 1942_resizeClick on image to see the exhibition posters.




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  1. Janet GORDGE

    Good afternoon. My father, Jim Evans, worked at RSRE ( as it was known then) , between 1965 – 1991 when he then retired. We were not aware of your Society, but are very interested.
    Can you please tell me how Dad can become involved, and where to you hold your meetings?
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Mike Burstow

      Thank you for your interest. I will contact you privately to see what we can find out.


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